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The Vestry is the governing body of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. It oversees the administration and governance of the parish and the care and maintenance of our facilities. Vestry decisions and actions are regularly recorded in minutes and are made available to any member upon request.

Senior Wardan

Junior Warden

Samuel Abdullai

Aurelius Butler I


  • Raphael Eastman
  • Isaac Witherspoon
  • Christopher Prowd
  • Emma Flemister
  • Glen Mitchell
  • Joyce Brewer
  • Cecelia Nemah
  • Julian Aryee
  • Benoni Grimes


Aquilla Roberts-Ford

Church Administration

  • Charlotte Pocrnich - Church Coordinator
  • Augusta Paye - Treasurer
  • Aquilla Roberts Ford -Information Technology
  • Cyrus Varney, Jr. - Sexton
  • Raul Calbrera - Organists